Special Wednesday Sake Tasting: Meet The Brewers!

S is for Sake!

Shinagori Takeda and Norimichi Goto and Namazake Paul Imports Present:

A Special Wednesday Tasting of brand-new Sakes to the US!

6/7/2023, 4-6PM, $5 Glass fee, waived with bottle purchase

That's right folks, it's an Oregon exclusive of some pretty amazing Sakes. This is a rare opportunity to meet-the-makers and learn about Sake in a friendly, informal tasting.

Come on down on Wednesday, June 7th, from 4-6pm, for an eye-opening taste of Sake. Namazake Paul Imports is changing the game in Oregon, importing Sake that simply didn't make it to the United States before now, from breweries that make Sake the traditional way, but with an eye toward the future.  We are honored to welcome Paul along with two of his brewers, Shinagori Takeda of Takeda Shuzo and Norimichi Goto of Kikkawa Jozo.

We will be tasting a range from both producers and learning about the quiet renaissance that's happening right now in the world of Sake, where brewers are reinvigorating ancient traditions and introducing new techniques to bring Sake to a new level of quality, character, and refinement.

If you haven't tried great Sake before, this is a great opportunity for a proper introduction, as we will be tasting some of the most exciting (rice) wines in the world. Sake is something all wine lovers should try, as the two beverages share so much in flavor, tradition, and philosophy.

This is not one to miss, folks, we look forward to seeing you there! 

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