Wine Club Info & Policies

 About our Wine Clubs

At long last, after 6 months of careful planning, Liner & Elsen has launched a Wine Club! Every month, we will be looking for eye-opening wines to bundle together into monthly packs of 2 or 4 bottles. If you love our newsletter wines, the Wine Club gives us the opportunity to offer you more exclusive wines that stand even further out from the crowd. Subscribers will get a monthly set of wines to impress their friends and family with, along with the full story behind the wines we select and a members-only pickup party on the second Thursday of each month! On the day of the pickup, members will also be able to purchase any L&E products at a 10% discount (details below). 

For those who want to fill out the premium section of the wine closet, we will have a Super Duper option, named after the extra special pours at our Friday evening tastings. This option will consist of two bottles for truly special occasions, available as a stand-alone pack or as an add-on to the regular club options. 

Benefits for Members

  • Members will be able to attend Pickup Parties each month on the 2nd Thursday of the month. On the Pickup Day, members will receive 10% off of ANY Liner & Elsen purchases made.
  • If the member is local, but cannot attend the Pickup Party or collect their order on that day, they will receive the same discount on the day they are able to pickup their wine.
  • If a member receives their Wine Club via Shipping, they will receive a special coupon valid only on the Pickup Day so that they can also receive the same discount benefit.
  • Member discounts CANNOT be combined with any other discount.
  • Members will receive detailed wine information for each Wine Club wine, written by the L&E staff.
  • Members will get early access to special event tickets, wine offers, and more

Membership Tiers:

2-Bottle L&E Classics Club $50/month Available as a mix of colors, all reds, or all whites, please select which option you'd like to receive when checking out for your club sign-up. You can request to change wine colors at any time.

4-Bottle L&E Classics Club $100/month A mix of colors and styles befitting the season and our wine experts' whims.

2-Bottle L&E Super-Duper Club $100/month For fans of our Friday night "Super" and "Super-Duper" pours, this is a premium-level club featuring more limited bottles at a higher price point. Available as an add-on club to either of our Classic Clubs, or as a standalone option. A great option for those who want to level up to some seriously special wines.

Signing Up for a Wine Club

From our website homepage, click on Wine Club in the Menu Bar or Click Here. This will take you to the Wine Club page, where you can read about how it works and see the different Club options.

Choose a club option that you like and click on that option.

You will see this graphic: 

Under this graphic, click “Add to Cart” like you would any other product.

Go to your Cart. You can now check out using the same process as for any other Liner & Elsen product. Remember to select either Shipping or Pick-Up depending on your needs.

You will be charged for the first Wine Club order at the time of checkout. All subsequent Wine Club charges will take place on the 5th of every month.

Adding-On or Upgrading Your Wine Club Type

To upgrade your subscription from 2 bottles to 4 bottles, you must cancel the 2-bottle subscription and purchase the 4-bottle subscription via the regular checkout process. The Super-Duper subscription can be added on at any time with the regular checkout process. You can also call us for assistance with switching which Wine Club you would like to receive.

Managing Your Subscription

Once you have successfully signed up for wine club, you will notice when you next log in to your Account on our website that your account details (on the right side) now have a “My Subscriptions option at the bottom, like this:

Click on “My Subscriptions” and your Wine Club subscriptions will be shown like this:

Click on the subscription number that you wish to view or make changes to. You’ll have a range of options, such as Pause, Cancel, Skip, and more. You can also update your payment method from this page, and view any previous charges associated with your subscription.

For any questions about your Wine Club subscription, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we would be glad to help!


Wine Club Policies

  • When you sign up, you will be charged immediately for your first Wine Club shipment. Thereafter, you will be charged on the 5th of every month automatically.
  • You may pause or cancel your Wine Club subscription at any time by going to "My Account" and selecting whichever option you would like. See above for instructions on that process. 
  • If you "Pause" or "Skip a Shipment," this will NOT be retroactive for any charges that have already occurred, this will only affect the upcoming payment(s). 
  • If you cancel your Wine Club subscription, this will NOT be retroactive for any charges that have already occurred. Upon cancellation, you will be automatically removed from the list and you will not be auto-charged on the next Wine Club date.