Wine and Art: Kristen Diederich at L&E, December 14th

We are thrilled to announce our first-ever artist collaboration at L&E, in which we will be proudly displaying for-sale pieces from local artist and fellow industry professional, Kristen Diederich. If you haven’t seen Kristen Diederich’s art before, you’re in for a treat the evening of December 14th, when she will be at the shop to talk about her work from 5-8pm. We will have a few bottles open as part of our Wine Club Open House, and small bites will be available from the L&E pantry. All pieces on display are available for purchase. 

 Why Art & Wine?

Wine is an ever changing medium of expression. Every vintage is a little different, every grape capable of different expressions, flavors, textures and character. When we elected to find an artist to feature in our space, Kristen Diederich’s work seemed a natural fit. Her works have energy and motion and detail that comes through more and more the longer you look at them. I know far more about wine than I know about art, so here are Kristen’s own words:

“This is an attempt to find the stone in a field of stones. A feather floats at the edge of the pond, yet so does the bird. The angel may have many eyes, but we only see two. They save your life and don't ask why you are here.

This is a practice in holding many truths as emergent patterns unfold. Two birds swallow one stone and fly across the same sea. Gestural elements collide in fields of unrest. Patterns emerge through non-hierarchical pathways of transcribing a language concerned with the frequencies of sound and touch. All is lodged in the undergrowth of a body which is not static. That which moves and pointing its finger-- and this and this. This also, too. Look. I hope to mimic the indescribable experience of being a part of nature through unexpected compositions governed by intuition and the relational.”

-Kristen Diederich

More about Kristen:

"Kristen Diederich's acrylic paintings were born out of flickers, isolated within a gesture, notes collectively forming, cascading. Every canvas contains unexpected worlds overlapping prehistory and present day. An invitation into the forest or the field. A logic of the heart emerges from the brush strokes like birds surprised into flight.Vibrating and pulsing, ever changing layer upon layer: Each dance a lived experience."

-Sierra Stinson, Curator of Vignettes