Domaine Grosbois: Classic Chinon En Biodynamie

 Situated in the heart o the Loire Valley, in Chinon, Domaine Grosbois is run by two brothers, Sylvain and Nicolas. Sitting on the right bank of the Vienne between Tours and Saumur, around the site of the Pressoir (winepress in English), an ancient fortified farm that dates back to the 15th century, the domaine is steeped in local history. The Grosbois brothers took over from their parents, Jacques and Jocelyne, who moved to the ancestral family domaine in 1991.
Domaine Grosbois is a winery rooted in its respect for the land, a concept summed up by the winery in the following statement: "Here, man shapes the vine, always keeping in mind the notions of balance and precision."
In practice, this means that vines are grown according to organic and biodynamic practices, soils are worked only at the surface level to preserve biodiversity, and harvests are done manually.  Parcels are small and boast a plethora of soil types typical to the region, including millarge (soil derived from underlying shell-rich sands), tuffeau (local yellow limestone), and gravel. The domaine is also dedicated to polyculture, and Nicolas and Sylvain grow many crops, and raise cows and pigs, bees, and of course, horses to help them in working the land. It is a true working farm.
In the cellar, only indigenous yeasts are used, and no other additions are made except for minimal doses of sulfur as needed. Wines are aged in barrels and concrete and are not rushed out to market, so they have time to develop plenty of complexity. Stylistically, the wines are as classic as can be, driven only by their terroir and the careful stewardship of the winemakers. 

We are honored to have Sylvain with us for a tasting on Wednesday, April 5th, 2023 from 5:30PM - 7:00PM

No tickets are required, and there will be a $5 tasting fee that is waived with the purchase of a bottle.