Le Doubble Troubble

This epic tale begins with two friends, both passionate about good wine and deep powder, who met while chasing the best wine and the most awesome snow in the magical land known as Tahoe, that's Lake Tahoe, show some respect.

Several years were spent with memorable powder runs followed by evenings around long tables with good friends, and wonderful wine. Talks of hopes and dreams just flew by. Eventually, not fast enough according to their parents, they got a little older, and their dreams got a little bolder. After one particularly memorable gathering, they stayed up late to ponder the meaning of life and their future. They agreed their shared passion for wine was the direction they should follow and that it was their time to make their mark on the wine industry.

Late night conversations turned into daytime discussions and serious strategic planning. They determined that it was time to leave their beloved Tahoe powder and move to Oregon, home of the Willamette Valley and Pinot Noir. They seized the day, made their bold move, and the Le Doubblé Troubblé Wine Co., twice the trouble and twice the fun, was born.